Deal Details

(up coming )Amazon app treasure hunt

Deal Price: 1
Normal Price: 1000
Discount: 100%

How to participate in Amazon Treasure Hunt (Lakme)?

1 . Download Amazon app from here

2. Exactly at2 PM, open the app and click on the contest banner

3. You will now be able to see a clue which somehow relates to the product directly or the brand or some specifications of the product.

The clue can be in the form of some riddle or some historical fact

4.  Once you have formed some guess, search using keywords in the search bar

5. Now if on opening the product page, you find a sticker that says, “Way to go! You are on the right track”. It’s Bingo time as you guessed the correct product

6. The job is not over, however. Quickly click on the sticker to see if you found it in time before others did as competition will be high and products to be given away will be few.

Terms & Conditions

1. This Promotion will be available beginning 2:00 pm and ending 6:00 pm on 15th December 2017 (the “Promotion Period”).

2. During the Promotion Period, at an interval of every 15 minutes commencing from 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. of such day, Amazon will be displaying a clue to a product listed on the App (such product hereinafter referred to as “Product”) on the Promotion page of the App.

3. To participate in this Promotion, a participant is required to: (a) identify and search for the Product associated with the particular clue; and (b) visit the product detail page of such Product displayed on the App.

4. Participants who identify the Product and visit the product detail page of the Product in accordance with the above Section 3, will be able to purchase the Product at a price of INR 0 i.e. at no cost (until stocks for such Product available at the promotional rates last).

5. Each participant can purchase a Product once for each clue during the Promotion Period and cannot apply any other promotional code on an order for a Product made pursuant to this Promotion.